Science is complex. Storytelling can help.

If you’re a healthcare system, clinic, or a startup company, your healthcare video marketing needs to focus on the strategic message. Your audience must acknowledge your overall motivation and purpose. With our vast experience in the healthcare industry, we’re here to help you tell stories in a meaningful and compelling way.

Patients have nearly endless options for seeking medical and wellness services, and they’re looking for healthcare professionals who will truly understand them and their personal health goals.

Let Sparks Productions tell your healthcare story and strengthen the trust with your patients.

I’ve worked with several photographers for a variety of different types of projects and I have to say that Anthony Sparks has been one of the most energetic, fun, talented, and easy to work with. He’s got the technical skills and the artistic eye to produce amazing results. He also has something that not many photographers have which is great energy paired with an amazing ability to make clients feel comfortable and confident, resulting in a fun and productive process from start to finish.

Health care projects can be difficult considering the often sensitive subject matter, difficult shooting locations, and extremely tight schedules. Anthony excels in this environment because he understands the complexities and has the knowledge and flexibility to meet all requirements and in most cases, produce results that are above and beyond expectations.

Benjamin Turner

WVU Medicine Marketing Department