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Following decades of Silicon Valley success leading brands like Intuit’s TurboTax to the top, one thing became clear to Brad D. Smith: his heart never left his home of West Virginia. With clear eyes and a deep love for the mountains that made him, Brad and his wife Alys began dreaming of a better place to innovate, one that inspires instead of burns out. Working together to reach a higher place, one that truly is #AlmostHeaven, Ascend West Virginia was founded. Our program is simple: We want you to experience work-life balance in a brand new way– through community, purpose and the outdoors you can bring your remote work to in the mountains of West Virginia. 



There is a reason that John Denver coined West Virginia as Almost Heaven in his 1971 hit song Take Me Home, Country Roads. Come get a taste of life in Almost Heaven. With global cuisines, rich mountain culture and outdoor adventures, our Ascend WV towns are the home you have been longing for. Explore our three mountain towns to discover the place where you belong.


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