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The WVU Cancer Institute is an inter- and multi-disciplinary matrix center, which encompasses patient care; basic, clinical/translational and population research; health prevention and promotion as well as education and outreach programs. The Cancer Center is comprised of over 80 members, drawn from among 33 departments and 8 Schools on the WVU campus with a research portfolio of private and peer-reviewed cancer research funding.

Our Research Programs combine the activities of groups of investigators who share common scientific interests and goals and participate in competitively funded research. They are highly interactive and lead to exchange of information, experimental techniques, and ideas that enhance the individual productivity of scientists and often result in collaborations and joint publications.


Science Exchange

The Cancer Institute Science Exchange discussions drive meaningful investigation by focusing on significant, relevant challenges through participation of clinical, basic and population researchers and their teams (students, fellows, etc.). Thematically aligned series of discussions are around overarching areas that cross fundamental questions and benefit from inclusion of diverse disciplines.  In recent months  presentations representative of some areas of interest have included those focused on Immunotherapy, Experimental Therapeutics, Mechanisms of Therapeutic Resistance, Tumor Stem Cells and Tumor Microenvironment. In addition, technology focused discussions are hosted at the CI Science Exchange to share cutting edge approaches and emerging models with colleagues.  There is an emphasis on forward thinking and team building to leverage collective strengths. The collaborative environment invites thought provoking questions and feedback around current research efforts and enables researchers to explore new approaches based on the discussions. The Science Exchange forum is supplemented by monthly disease focused teams that are co-led as described below.  Each WVU CI member is encouraged to move across disease teams as desired and no primary team affiliation is required.  Emphasis in all venues is on collaboration and positive impact on patients and outcomes.


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