•Carlie & Josh•


Josh and Carlie have something unique together. They have something that most people don’t find in a lifetime ; A love that lights a room, no matter where they are.

At Chest Ridge Golf Resort and Conference Center, the couples’ families gathered to celebrate their wedding ceremony. Located in Blairsville, Pennsylvania Chestnut Ridge Golf Resort & Conference Center is just 45 miles east of Pittsburgh. Beautiful outdoor scenery, elegant and versatile banquet rooms, and the area’s widest array of on-site amenities all combine to create a unique and memorable event at Chestnut Ridge Resort.

Before the service, the two exchanged letters to express their love for one another, the passing of Josh’s beloved brother and the future that they’re going to share together.

The outside ceremony was short & sweet, but it encapsulated their true love for one another. They vowed to be loyal and compassionate for the rest of their lives. The reception was an absolute hit. They shared their first dance with each other, had their special parent dances and even had an empty chair with one of DJ’s favorite shirts over top of it.

The traveling band, Go-Go Gadjet, stole the show during the evening of the reception — Blending the rhythms of dance music with familiar melodies from the past and present, Go Go Gadjet straddles the line between band and DJ like few others. Their innovative combination of traditional instruments with modern synths and controllers has allowed them to craft a sound and presentation that is uniquely their own. A decade on the road has molded this PA based group into an entertainment machine.


– Vendors –

Photographer: Carmen May Photography
Venue: Chestnut Ridge Golf Resort & Conference Center
Band: Go-Go Gadjet
Kindness Courage by Kolby Knickbocker
Your Way Home by Low Light
Music: If I’m Honest by Jay Denton


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