•Meeting Melissa Berube, Broker


One of northcentral West Virginia’s most successful commercial real estate agencies — Black Diamond Realty — is expanding into the residential market. Black Diamond leadership has announced their formation of White Diamond Realty LLC, to be led by licensed broker Melissa Berube.

Berube is a leader in the regional residential industry. She served as 2019 Morgantown Board of Realtors president and board columnist for The Dominion Post. The combination of Berube’s residential expertise and Black Diamond’s commercial acumen promises to provide a powerful source of market insight and service to customers and communities in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and beyond.

About White Diamond Realty

White Diamond Realty is North Central West Virginia’s newest residential brokerage firm, poised to lead the way in this new era of digital commerce. Headquartered in Morgantown, West Virginia, White Diamond is committed to empowering its clients to achieve home-ownership goals while establishing a respected position within our region’s real estate and business communities. For more information, email info@whitediamondrealty.net, call 304-413-0497, or visit whitediamondrealty.net.


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