•Morgantown BNI Integrity Chapter•


Grow Your Business While Actually Having FUN!

Wednesdays from 11:30am – 1pm | Pines Country Club, Morgantown WV

This isn’t your grandpa’s networking group! If you’re looking for a way to build your book of business while meeting some talented and driven professionals in many industries, the Morgantown BNI Integrity Chapter is for you – If you’ve visited other networking groups, but were turned off by how stiff and bland they were, this is DEFINITELY the group for you!



What to expect at each meeting

11:30 AM
Open Networking


Grab some lunch and chat with other members and guests during our 15-minute Open Networking.

11:45 AM

With RJ Nestor

Each meeting starts with a greeting from our Chapter President. We reaffirm the purpose of our meetings and why we’re here: to help each other’s businesses grow.

11:50 AM
Education Minute

With Andrew Little

Our Education Coordinator drops some knowledge on us with a different tip or insight each week. Knowing is half the battle!

11:55 AM
60 Second Commercials

This is the time for each member to shine! We stand up and present who we are, what we do, and who we want to meet. There’s a good chance someone in our group knows your perfect customer!

12:35 PM
10 Minute Presentation

Each week one member presents an in-depth look at thier business, who thier ideal customers are, and how we can help them grow and succeed.

12:45 PM
“I Have”

We go around the room once again to announce any referrals we have given over the past week, offer testimonials for other members’ fine work, and thank members for referring customers who led to closing business.

1:00 PM
End of Meeting

We’re all busy, so it’s our mission to end the meeting by 1pm sharp. This way we can get on with the rest of our busy day.



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