Step up your real estate game with professional photos and video tours from Sparks Productions

Real Estate is a very fast-paced industry. As a real estate photographers, we understand that realtors have demanding deadlines for their clients. Having a professional photographer for the listing increases the chance to sell that property. Additional months–even weeks–on the market can drastically affect your homes selling value. This is why it’s imperative that you don’t cut corners during the process.

In fact, listings that use real estate photographs taken by professionals were shown to receive a 139% increase in clicks, compared to similar listings within the same zip code.

Professional photographers are artists. Se are people who harnessed their passion for shooting pictures and transformed it into their career. If you’re a photography hobbyist thinking that you can save money by shooting the images yourself, consider the fact that real estate photography exists in a whole other ballpark that involves lots of technical equipment and expertise.

However, not all listings need real estate photography. We’ll help you out with that process. In the meantime, take a look at our demo reels and some other projects below:

“I had decided in my real estate career to take my business up a notch. Not many realtors employ the use of a professional photographer and videographer. I met Anthony Sparks from Sparks Productions through a mutual friend and client. Needless to say, a collaborative spark began between the two of us. We started working together and I employed him to do professional photos and drone videos of my client’s homes.

This was something above and beyond that I could offer my clients to help them sell their home. My clients love the idea and the work that Anthony does is outstanding!”

Debbie Saunders

Realtor, eXp Realty